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  • Product Name: NQseries Water-solubility quenching liquid
  • Product Num.: NQseries Water-solubility quench
  • ●Main category

    1.NQ-A Water-solubility quenching liquid

    2. NQ-DPAGWater-solubility liquid


    ●  Main application:

    1.The material hardenability is not strong, high hardness required, thicker effective thickness, bigger size of hardware tools, such as the overall heating and quenching of adjustable wrench, wrench, double-used wrench, socket wrench, ratchet handles and other spanners, files etc.

    2.High hardness for local parts, using salt furnace heating, induction heating or local quenching for whole heating of hardware tools, such as opener head, hammer head, pliers head, pliers opener, pliers teeth, knife edges; scissors, blade edge and so on.

    3.Carbon steel workpieces, large size in low-alloy steel parts.



    1.Maximum reduce distortion and cracking;

    2.Improving workpiece hardness and mechanical properties;

    3.Antirust performance, no further cleaning after quenching, non-corrosive.

    4.Workpiece spot cleaning, non-toxic and pollution-free;

    5.Anti-aging, for normal long term and stable using.

    6.Instead of imported media, low cost effective.



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