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  • Product Name: NQseries Quick & Brightness Quenching Oil and Additive
  • Product Num.: NQseries Quick Brightness Quen
  • ●Main application:

    1.High demanding deformation, thin effective thickness, small size and better material hardenability hardware tools, such as sleeve head, saw blade, tap, die, reamer, thread rolling board and various tools and measuring tools.

    2.Not high hardness and overall heating and quenching hardware tools, such as pliers, longnose pliers, blades, small spanner, screwdriver and so on.

    3.Small size steel parts, various types of alloy steel parts.



    1.Improving workpiece hardness and mechanical properties;

    2.Workpiece surface smooth and without spots after quenching;

    3.Oxidation and aging are difficult, long service life;

    4.Additive oil can improve current performance of technology;

    5.High flash point, difficult to fire.

    Key words :

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