Dear friends:

Hello! On behalf of the staff rather celebrate machinery Ning Qing Thank you for your love and support of machinery, and to you my most sincere greetings!
"The pursuit of quality, beyond the ordinary" is our concept of "intention to create, the better" is our criteria, we have advanced the corporate positioning and the first
Into the cultural idea of "people-oriented, community first, the source community, back to the community" is one of the highest state of Waldorf, promote "unity and hard work, innovation
Dedication, "the entrepreneurial spirit, has now become a mechanical production of large enterprise groups.

In recent years, rather than double celebration year after year economic machinery, the business was flourishing, show a broad development prospects and a better future.

Facing both opportunities and challenges, I will continue to work with all staff, and holding one of the constant in first-class brand, first-class quality and first class service
With the community to create a better future. Friends in the community in close collaboration with and support, we will win greater victory.

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